The x86 and x64 installers are available from the downloads page. These MSI installers will add the installation folder to the system path variable as well as create the runly-node service. This requires the .NET Core 3.1 runtime to be installed.


The Windows binaries are self-contained single file executables which are available from the downloads page. They do not require the dotnet core runtime to be installed.

Running the Node

A cluster API key will need to be set in order to be able to connect the node to your organization. The API key is stored in a settings.json file in the user profile of the account the runly-node service is going to run as. The set-apikey command should be run as the service account user. If the service is run as LocalSystem, run the following as any administrator:

runly set-apikey -s <api-key>

If the service is run with a specific service account, run as that account:

runly set-apikey <api-key>

Start the service:

sc start runly-node
Data Folders
Package Cache%userprofile%\AppData\Local\runly\packages

Note that %userprofile% for LocalSystem will most likely be C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile.