While you can upload packages from your Runly dashboard, you can also configure your nuget client to upload packages directly to Runly. This functionality can be useful if you are setting up your build server to automatically build, package, and deploy jobs to your Runly infrastructure.

This guide will walk you through pushing a nuget package to Runly from the command line.


Before you begin, you will need to create an Application API key for your nuget client. Create a new non-public Application, Nuget Client, and copy the API key. You will use this API key to authenticate your client to the Runly API.

Using the dotnet Tool

You can push your Runly job package using the dotnet push command.

cd to the directory where your nupkg file is stored.

Run the following to push the package to your account:

dotnet nuget push mypackage.nupkg -k myapikey -s https://api.runly.io/myorg/packages/

Replace the following tokens in the command:

  • Replace mypackage.nupkg with the path to your package.
  • Replace myapikey with your Nuget Client API key.
  • Replace myorg with your organization ID