This integration is intended for maximum ease-of-use for server-rendered pages that have very little scripting already on the page. It uses Bootstrap to style the components and can be included on your page with simple script/css tags.


Include the script on your page from the Runly CDN:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Ideally you should include the script as the last tag before the closing </body>.

You will also need to include the Bootstrap css on the page for the components to be styled correctly. You can include this from Bootstrap’s CDN:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

You should include the Bootstrap css in the head of your page.


The RunProgress component allows you to show a progress bar indicating a run’s status for a particular run. Once a run has completed, the component will optionally render a Retry button to rerun a job that has failed (either partially or fully). See the retry mechanism in action in our example web application walkthrough.

	data-runly-run-id="myrunid">Loading run results...</div>

Anything you put inside the div will show before the script loads. Once the script has loaded, the contents will be replaced with the progress bar.

Data Attributes


This is the component that you want to render. This should always be RunProgress to render the run progress component.


The organization ID that the run belongs to.


The ID of the run to show progress.


Boolean flag that controls whether or not the component will show a Retry button if the run partially or fully fails. This defaults to true.

A run is considered failed if it completes with any status other than Successful. If the run does complete with a status of Successful but there are some failed items, this is considered a partial failure and the Retry button will render. Learn more about how Runly jobs can finish successfully while tolerating failures.