We are very excited to announce the product we’ve been working on for the past few months, Runly. Runly is the platform for running apps in the background. We simplify the way async, long-running, or scheduled tasks are built and executed.

Our Goal

Your application is done, and now it’s out in the real world. You’ve tested it and you’re confident in its ability to deliver. People are using it and everything is going well. But then there is an occasional exception in the logs. Support tickets start coming in saying users are clicking a button, they wait and get an error. You investigate and it doesn’t make sense why things are breaking. All that button does is make a database update and send some emails. Then you realize it all works, like your testing proved, until the number of emails gets too big.

We’ve all been here, realizing that you glossed over how a task like sending an email to a list of people is executed in a web app request. The quick and dirty implementation works for the test that sends two emails, but not for the real job of sending 20, much less hundreds, or thousands. But why does a trivial task like notifying a user require so much consideration? It doesn’t have to — enter Runly.

Runly turns the quick and dirty into the robust and reliable. It’s not magic, there are just some jobs that aren’t cut out for running in a web app, but still need to run somewhere. Runly is the platform for everything running behind the scenes, whether it’s sending a list of emails, working with large files, or connecting your app to a third party API. We take care of the leg work to get your code running on your existing infrastructure — whether you’re in the cloud or on the computer in the closet.

Our goal is to keep simple tasks just that — simple. We want developers to fall into the pit of success with an easy way to run long-running tasks, so that the developer faced with solving the problem of the emails that keep timing out can do so in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

How to Get Started

Explore an example web app that sends emails using a Runly job or jump right in by signing up for free. You can use your Github, Google, or Microsoft account to easily get started, or create a new account if you are into that kind of thing. No credit card required.

Try out our service and let us know what you think. We built it with ❤️ and a lot of 🧠 too!

Who Are We?

We are developers and system administrators who have built and maintained software for decades. We’ve spent our professional careers solving problems for businesses big and small, for educational institutions, and for government. We understand the pressures of software consulting and the complexities of building a product. That’s why we built Runly for ourselves and people like us.

Our philosophy is simple: build tools that developers will love because they’re easy, useful, and reliable. Read more about our company and our philosophy.

Stay in Touch

Follow us on Twitter @runlyio and we’ll keep you updated on what we are working on. This will allow you to remain at least six feet away but still connect with other developers. 😷